Top 3 wedding hairstyles of spring 2016

Most incredible hairstyles of this season for every woman


Wedding, how sweet it sounds! Every woman dreams about her wedding from early childhood, and it is obvious why! This special day all attention is meant for a bride, and it is important to have a perfect look from tip to toe. Months of preparations, searching for marvelous dress and best hair salon in nyc to get a hairdo of your dream;nevertheless, if you still not sure how you want to look at the most important day of your life, we can help you! Check out these three stunning spring hairstyles and find an inspiration for you own one.

#1 Flower time


When we talk about spring, flower is the first thing that comes to our mind. Why don’t you add some blossom to your hair? Beautiful flower braided in a crown will perfectly complete romantic bridal look and add freshness and lightness. If you are open hearted and dreamy person, who wants to have a kind of fairytale wedding, this updo is destined for you. You can choose flowers you like the most and get a double benefit: charming look and nice smell around you all day long. It is one more interesting way to show your personality to the world and stand out of the crowd of million other brides.

#2 Simple and straight


If you have a long hair and like simple haircuts, we have something for you here. Centre parted hairdo with textured twists on the sides and nice blow out is a great decision for small wedding somewhere in the garden. Such hairstyle serves as a perfect base for all kind of bridal accessories. It can be tiaras, flowers, different sparkles and headbands, and it is all up to you to decide what you should wear. This cut fits the best for long, fluttering dresses in Greek style.

#3 Old Hollywood glam


If you are fond of old Hollywood glam and chic and want to have your wedding in the same style, this hairstyle will help you to add some drama to your look. Such hairdo works better on short or medium length hair and helps to keep nasty locks out of your face. You can be completely concentrated on making photos and dancing all night long.


Have you decided what style you are to follow? Hurry up to make an appointment at one of the best hair salon in nyc and add ‘check’ in front of the “hair” point in your wedding to do list.