Van Hechter and the resurrection of ”Looking Back” !!!

Van Hechter

For those who don’t know Van Hechter – he’s been stirring up a storm in the world of underground pop since 2020. His ”Love Elastic” album and various duets with Stonewall Inn resident D.J. Chauncey Dandridge have charted all over the U.S. — 4 times landing at #1… His personality and sense of self-deprecation have made him a favorite to many youngsters who seem to find inspiration in his way of simply living out his childhood fantasies, with no apologies, and no intention of ever conforming to a system that, as he says himself, never suited him in the first place.

Most of his followers are located in NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia and Miami. London and Berlin also like him… Very recently, his fans have literally resuscitated one of his earlier songs ”Looking Back”- which is suddenly getting airplay and Spotify attention… It’s almost as if the single had been released 4 years early and is only now finding its way to the hearts of listeners. This is a very unusual phenomenon – but then again, Van’s trajectory is atypical from A to Z…

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