Van Hechter & Chauncey Dandridge unite to release LGBTQ anthem for World AIDS Day!

”Soldiers Of Love” is an electro-dance celebration of pride and solidarity!

”The only thing worth fighting for is love; we are soldiers of love”, says the chorus…
Van Hechter is known for his direct punch lines… This time he had a little help from equally blunt disco brother, -Stonewall Inn resident DJ and activist Chauncey Dandridge- who initiated the project by writing a poem about the challenges LGBTQIA communities still face in 2021…

When asked how they felt about the new single- what they hoped it would accomplish, the duo responded- taking turns;
”We want people to dance, we want people to feel united, we want all underdogs to feel included and spoken for, we want to inspire everyone to work towards universal love— well- all that wearing disco attire, naturally!”

Make sure you download or like ”Soldiers Of Love” as of December 1st- it will keep your heart throbbing well into the Spring of 2022!

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