Van Hechter- that Montrealer with 2 songs charting simultaneously in the US!

Van Hechter

Van Hechter is a late bloomer. For years he was an underdog, trying to find his way- stubbornly releasing self-produced songs, in spite of hostile critiques… He never fit anywhere and was rejected by most artistic ”circles”… His ideas were often brushed off as ridiculous…

Then, one day in the midst of COVID, he released an album entitled ”Love Elastic” and tables started to turn. Van hadn’t changed but times had. Suddenly a whole new generation of music (and fashion) consumers started paying attention.

Today he has 2 singles charting on various indie charts all over the USA; solo song ”I Am” plus a duet with Stonewall Inn DJ Chauncey Dandridge ”The Delight”…
When asked about this new effervescence, Van replies; ”I just think that those between 17 and 30 really get me- they get my humor, they understand I’m not face value, they get my clothes, they get the irony AND the sense of fun I try to project. I love that. I’m glad I didn’t quit music- I’m glad I waited it out. Being hard-headed is a quality sometimes, you know!! Hahahah”

You can find Mr. Hechter’s album, videos and duets on all platforms but here are a few popular links to follow;