Walk In Bathtubs for Disabled

Walk In Bathtubs for Disabled and the Aging Population

The Baby Boomer generation has started to reach retirement age. With each passing year this generation is aging. Those, born between 1946 and 1964 account for 76 million babies that were born during this time. Over the next 18 years this large segment of our population will retire.

Walk In Tubs – A Growing Need

With the advancing of years comes the issues of limited mobility, our bodies just can’t perform as they once could. This is why we are seeing growing popularity in walk in bathtubs and showers. The advantage of these new products is that there is no need for stepping over and into regular bathtubs and showers because you can just walk in and sit down. Unfortunately as we age we begin to notice the limitations of our movements, particularly with the onset of such afflictions as arthritis, circulation problems, diabetes or osteoporosis. 

Walk In Bathtubs for Disabled

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