WikiPigSkin: An Online Fantasy Football Resource Built by Fanatics, For Fanatics


Peterborough, Canada, 2015 – Fantasy Football is currently a multibillion-dollar industry, and is projected by Forbes to be a $70-billion-dollar industry within the next few years. Its impressive growth will only bring more and more users to sites that offer reliable player projections and other fantasy-football resources. Canadian football-enthusiast Adam Beamer is attempting to gain funding via Kickstarter for a fantasy football resource created by fanatics, for fanatics. The aim is to put a site in place that is entirely fan-centered, as opposed to being controlled by a large, soulless corporation that has no real interest in football.

This wiki-based resource is already in the beta stage, but requires additional funding in order to progress to the next level. The funds that Beamer is seeking will allow the site to fully develop its calculations module, secure the server power needed to run it, and create and implement an advertising campaign that will allow it to hit the critical mass needed for initial and continued success.

Fantasy football sites powered by the likes of Yahoo and CBS have millions of dollars at their disposal. However, what they don’t have is genuine passion and interest in the sport. Perhaps WikiPigSkin marks the dawn of a new era in which fantasy football resources will remain in the hands of people who truly care about the football. You can check out the Kickstarter page at