XFC PHP Caching program for websites

dpaAuthor A PHP Cache installed on your website can improve your web page speed by 25% to 100% so that your website visitors see your webpages more quickly. Furthermore a cache can lower your server cpu usage which means your website can handle more traffic xfccx2250without needing to upgrade your hosting plan.

Web pgae speed improvements can potentially improve your search engine ranking. Furthermore, cached files are more difficult to hack.

As a developer you can then concentrate on improving your php scripts and products for your xfccache250customers and XFC php cache software will take care of the caching for you. It makes your life easier too, trying to maintain which webpages are cached and which are not…

Dr. Peter Achutha, a computer engineer at Peter Publishing, developed XFC PHP Cache as both his website are under continuous attacks by hackers. It includes a web page speed tester and a server CPU speed tester. After a year of use he is releasing them for web site owners and web developers to try out and use. You can visit his web site on XFC PHP Cache for more information.