Description: Do you feel irritated, moody, and lonely? Is this depression? Check our list of typical symptoms and find out if you have one.

1. No interest in usual activities

According to neurologists NYC, lack of interest is the first symptom of depression. If your regular activities don’t seem to be appealing anymore, you shouldn’t ignore this fact. It is the first signal your brain gives you, and you should take measures. We recommend to change the routine and find activities, which will make you feel happy!

2. Feeling of constant fatigue

Lack of energy is one of the most typical symptoms of depression in women. Fatigue is characterized by low energy, difficulty to concentrate, a feeling of sleepiness, and exhaustion. This symptom doesn’t let you function normally.

3. Changes in sleep habits

Change of sleep patterns is a very common symptom of depression, and these changes can happen in different directions. Some women tend to have problems with sleeping and start suffering from insomnia; others start sleeping much more than they usually do. According to neurologists NYC, both of these patterns aren’t normal and shouldn’t be ignored.

4. Thoughts about suicide

If you have ever thought about death, you should ring alarm bells immediately! Suicidal thoughts are the most dangerous symptom, that’s why there should be an immediate reaction. If you catch yourself thinking about suicide, take measures and don’t wait until it’s too late.

5. Disorders of appetite

Depression also affects our dietary habits. If you have eaten more cookies than you usually do, that’s OK, we’re talking about significant changes. Some women start eating excessive amounts of food; at the same time, other experience lack of appetite and refuse to follow a healthy diet. Both types of disorders result in fluctuations of weight, so monitor your diet!

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