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AP Computer Science Test

Girls are not often taking the computer science Advanced Placement exam, and this is despite the fact that there was a 35 percent increase in the total number of students taking the test between 2013 and 2014. However, there was not a corresponding number of female students who sat the …

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Gangly Sister declares year of the girl

Who is Gangly Sister, and why did they declare 2014 the Year of the Girl? The company put out a video called 2014: The Year of the Girl, where they interview girls about their new year’s wishes. “It’s just obvious to us. Everyone is so fed up with the media’s …

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Princess Onyx™ Precious Gems

Princess Onyx™ Precious Gems is a story about a little girl named Jaydah who deals with the effects of colorism due to the dark color of her skin. Her grandmother, Tata, tells her a story about a little princess named Princess Onyx who deals with a similar, painful situation but …

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